Born in Venezia, based in Kyoto.

I like to compare myself to a sponge that absorbs, often unconsciously, bits and pieces from the vast amount of information with which we are surrounded every day, transforming and returning them as independent solid objects.

The results of this Input-Idea-Output creative process are diverse and distinctly “fresh” sculptures, constantly changing from the real to the ethereal, from the tragic to the ironic, and are both contemporary and timeless.

In my work I distil the concept of "Life" in order to celebrate it at its best. Honoring the virtues in life while downplaying the fears, I strive to give back at least a small part of those emotions that are increasingly eclipsed in favor of other more fleeting futile needs.

I believe in Art and in the benefits it brings to those who take part.

Thanks for watching.

Gianluca Sanvido


- 2005, April/May, "Esperienze Veneziane"– Caffè Vittoria, Cecina
- 2005, May/June, "Antropomorfe"– Leon Gallery, Martellago, Venezia
- 2005, September, "Atelier Aperti" 51esima Biennale di Venezia– Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia
- 2005, October, "Dal letame nascono i fiori"– Cooperativa il Grillo, Zelarino, Venezia
- 2006, February, "Dis-nascondimento"– Giudecca Island, Venezia
- 2006, April, "Untitled"– Cultural Association Spiazzi, Arsenale, Venezia
- 2006, May, "Noi happening e Voi?"– Cultural Association Spiazzi, Arsenale, Venezia
- 2006, July, "BIG BANG"– Casa de Cultura S.Lorenzo, El Escorial, Madrid (Spain)
- 2006, September/November, "Biennale di Venezia, Esposizione Internazionale di Architettura"– CZ95, Venezia
- 2006, April, "Senza peso"– Palazzo Mondadori, San Marco, Venezia
- 2007, May/June, "Riciclato ad Arte"– Palaplip Carpenedo, Mestre
- 2007, June/July, "Genius Loci, I Giardini segreti di Venezia"– by “Gruppo 10” and “Galleria A+A”, Venezia
- 2007, July, "07-07-2007"– Atelier Maretti, Padova
- 2007, July/August, "Trasalimenti-Castellarte"– Montepagano/Roseto degli Abruzzi
- 2007, September, "Gianluca Sanvido/Mirko Morello"– UNICEF and Profili d'Arte Association, Padova
- 2007, December, "Civico Natale"– Street Art, Padova
- 2007/2008, December/January, "Auguri d'Artista"– Padova
- 2008, April, "Traiettorie Liquide"– Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation, San Marco square, Venezia
- 2008, June, "Achtung!"– Art in Hotel, Riva del Garda, Trento
- 2008, July, official painter of Heineken Jammin Festival Road Tour
- 2008, November, "Serial"– L'Occhio Art Gallery, Venezia
- 2008, November, "Aspettando la Biennale Sculture"– Antica Locanda al Bue, Udine
- 2009, February, "Art Reading"– L’Elefante, Bologna
- 2009, April, "Last Minute"– Contemporary Art Space, Padova
- 2009, June, performer artist for Amstel Night Tour
- 2009, September, "TrasFigurazione"– San Vidal Gallery, Venezia
- 2010, April, "Lightning Japan"– Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo (Japan)
- 2010, April/July, "Yumekobou Art Show"– Rosavia Gallery, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka (Japan)
- 2010, October, "神々への捧げもの"– winner of GRAN PRIX, Heian Shrine, Kyoto (Japan)
- 2011, April, "Yoroi"– Takatsuki-shi City hall, Osaka (Japan)
- 2011, June, “Concept = White"– Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo (Japan)
- 2011, September, "Osaka Midosuji Design Street"– Living & Design, Italian Cultural Institute, Hotel Unizo, Osaka (Japan)
- 2011, December, Italia in Giappone 2011, "Incontr-Arti"– Italian Embassy and Cultural Institute, Jmp, Osaka (Japan)
- 2011/2012, December/July, "Gianluca Sanvido Exhibition"– Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Osaka and Kyoto pref. (Japan)
- 2012, June, "I"- A plus A, No Title Gallery, Venezia.
- 2013, May/June, "Time Lapsed", Kobe Art Center, Kobe (Japan)
- 2013, October, "Flowers and Sculptures", Utsubo park, Osaka (Japan)
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